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Whether you are considering a canvas cover for your boat, or maybe looking at awnings for your home or business, upholstery, tarpaulins, or fabric care instructions, you've come to the right place!

We are Northern Michigan's canvas specialists, located in Traverse City at the corner of 3 Mile Road and Aero Park Drive. Whatever your needs, "Gotcha Covered!"


Browse through our products and then contact us by email or phone at 231-947-3140 to discuss options.We look forward to serving you!

Call 231-947-3140 for awnings and porch drops!


  1. Backpacks
  2. Jeep Window & Zippers
  3. Tents & Tent Zippers
  4. Luggage
  5. Hot Tub Covers
  6. Flags
  7. Swing Awnings
  8. Horse Blankets
  9. Pop-up Camper Canvas
  10. Camper Bag Awnings
  11. Winch Straps & Tow Straps
  12. Boat Canvas
  13. Jacket Zippers
  14. Carhartt Repairs
  15. Sleeping Bags
  16. Patio Furniture
  17. Tarps
  18. Hoist Covers
  19. Party Tents
  20. Bag Chairs
  1. Tire Covers
  2. Ice Shants
  3. Patio Umbrella Canvas
  4. Swing Set Awnings
  5. Sport Equipment Bags
  6. Cloth Hammocks
  7. Cloth Dog Kennels
  8. Kids Bicycle Carts
  9. Cots
  10. Vehicle/RV Bras
  11. Tonneau Covers
  12. Vehicle Seats
  13. and more...